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Thursday April 17th 2014


Settlement Freeze Extended Settlement Freeze Extended »

Barack Obama announced yesterday that Israel will work on a settlement freeze before Israel was able to [...]

We’ll Give You a State on One Condition… We’ll Give You a State »

Peace talks have stalled due to the end of the settlement freeze, but now Prime Minister Netanyahu wants [...]

Middle East Peace Talks Middle East Peace Talks »

Everyone's saying that this time might be the time, if only Netanyahu sticks to his guns. Sure he says he [...]



Netanyahu and Obama: Together at Last Netanyahu and »

Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama vigorously shook hands today at the White [...]

Ugh, This Blockade… Ugh, This »

Hamas is looking more poweful than ever, with Turkey proud to lead the Muslim community, [...]

Who Does Turkey Think They Are? Who Does Turkey »

Turkey was once a key ally to both Israel and the U.S. Today, under the leadership of [...]

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